Why does your workforce need this?

Improved Leadership
& Relationships

  • Improved leadership skills and becoming inspiring examples
  • Ability to manage teams of different personalities 
  • Developing a coaching leadership style 
  • Leading the ongoing change in your organization  
  • Getting better at communication and relationships  
  • Becoming comfortable at giving and receiving feedback  
  • Managing conflicts and having difficult conversations    

Strong Self & Wellbeing

Strong Self
& Wellbeing

  • More resilient, assertive, and empathic 
  • Increase in self-esteem and confidence  
  • Better able to manage stress, emotions and anxiety.  
  • Higher level of motivation and sense of purpose  
  • Healthier life-work balance 
  • Improved overall wellbeing  
  • Drastically reduced chances of having a burnout 

Enhanced fit
& Organizational skills

  • Improved organizational skills 
  • Better time management and overall productivity 
  • Increased adaptability to a reorganization period 
  • Company goals become better aligned with own values  
  • Natural adaption to the organizational culture  

Meet your coach

Hi there! My name is Hans.

I’m an experienced and certified consciousness coach. My passion is coaching leaders, professionals, business owners, self-employed and other ambitious people from all over the world.

In my online coaching sessions, I create a safe space for my clients to discover new opportunities which allow them to transform into the person they choose to be.

What people say about my
life-changing coaching

“If you are looking to discover exciting possibilities in life that you did not even know existed, I strongly suggest starting a coaching cycle with Hans.”

Jenny Björklöf – Community Manager from Finland

My coaching sessions with Hans proved to be extremely helpful in removing blocks with regards to taking action. I gained the insights I so much needed to transform into someone who can act and takes responsibility for asking what he wants.

Charbel Abou Zeidan – Artist from Lebanon

My coaching sessions with Hans brought me a positive change in mindset and outlook which, in turn, has opened new doors and possibilities that previously seemed far-fetched or impossible.

Diana – Graphic designer from Belgium




Frequently Asked Questions

I am trained in the coaching methodology called Consciousness Coaching. This means that my role exists of creating the circumstances for you to become aware of what you really want in your life and what is holding you back to live your full potential. We work action-oriented towards your goals with responsibility and integrity as our drivers.

The core principle of Consciousness Coaching is that you have everything in you to create your own future. I am here, for 100 percent committed to guide you on that journey.

In addition, you receive tools and techniques called Awareness Creations to further develop your awareness This allows you to live a more consciousness life, according to your own vision.

Consciousness Coaching is a coaching methodology created by Creative Consciousness. On their website you can find all information about the organization and their approach. https://www.creativeconsciousness.com

Default technology is a video call with Zoom. But if you prefer, we can also use Microsoft Teams.

A coaching session takes up around one hour. This can be a little bit more or maybe a little bit less, depending on how fast we get clarity on your coaching session goal and the further steps in the coaching session protocol. Time permitting, we can agree to immediately start a new session.

It is of key importance that the coaching journey goals are owned by the coachee as well as the manager or the person who is the sponsor of the coachee. We cocreate the coaching journey goals in a session before the start of the actual coaching sessions. In this session we also go over the

An individual coaching journey for your workforce is comprised of 12 sessions that are roughly spread out over the course of 6 months. This is the ideal format. If you want to discuss changing this format, this can be discussed.

The entire Consciousness Coaching Journey and all communication regarding the coaching process is in English. For clients and organizations in Belgium and The Netherlands, it is also possible to conduct the coaching journey in Dutch.

Yes, except you are a client in Belgium and are willing to travel to my practice in the city of Ghent, all coaching activities are online. My clients do not report any quality differences between coaching sessions online or in person.

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