You are nagging. You have been on it the past couple of hours. Please, stop it now!

She rolls her eyes and goes off to sit somewhere else.

If there is one thing he didn’t want to hear it was that. How could he be nagging? 

He was right all along. About that situation two days ago. She shouldn’t have pushed her decision. And now we are both suffering the consequences, he was thinking. 


The anger in him building up further…


To take it to the next level, he refused to listen to her attempts to connect again. No, he was really going to show her that he was right. And that his anger was justified.

Ignoring her attempts for reconciliation, he stayed away from her the entire day and focused on getting office work done in the weekend. 

Eight hours later she took the car and rode off to have dinner with a friend.

And what about him? He stayed in his anger energy the entire evening. They even slept separately. 

Thanks to her calm and open communication they managed to find each other again the next morning. 


Maybe this sort of situation sounds familiar? Maybe you recognize these fits of anger energy that you can’t get seem to get out of? 


What if you could make a conscious choice in these moments? 

And what if you could tap into the immense power of anger and use it for a higher purpose that you choose?

Think about, what new possibilities would that create?


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