I have no clue what I really want to do with my life.

That’s the whole problem…

Should I continue with my own business, follow in my dad’s footsteps, or look for something completely different? I just don’t know. 

Also, I don’t think we’re ever going to find out. 


(I love these conversations.)


Ok, then tell me, if you had no constraints whatsoever, what would a day in your life look like?

What are you doing? What do you see around you? Who is there? How are you feeling? What conversations are you having?


*Offers space to allow for exploration*


And then it slowly begins… To their own surprise.

No more doubt. A clear picture starts to take shape.

A smile shows up. The energy of the conversation shifts.

All of the sudden, the future is not only bright, it also becomes crystal clear.

From the family life and the professional activities to the leisure time, friends and what the house looks like. 

Every one of my clients deep down already knows what they want to create. That’s never the real issue.

The real issue is starting to take steps toward that vision and realize it. Getting out of their own way to create the experience they themselves desire.

And that’s where our coaching conversation begins.


Do you feel like creating the project YOU?

Then why not join one of my Coaching & Surfing Retreats in Portugal in October for an amazing group coaching experience with other creators. 

There are still a few spots left in the second retreat from 19-23 October. 

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