I’m celebrating a new achievement: the International Coaching Federation has awarded me the credential of Associated Certified Coach (ACC) 🎉


I got this for:

✅ Completing 125 hours of ACTP certified coaching training

✅ Completing 100 hours of client-coaching

✅ Engaging in continuous mentor coaching

✅ Passing the ICF/ACC Coaching Knowledge Assessment


So, what does this mean? In short, it means I’m dedicated to excellence in the coaching industry.

And a huge and rapidly growing industry it is. It’s estimated market value for 2022 is 20 billion USD 😯


That’s the monetary value. But what about the value for the clients?

How can clients make sure they get value from their coaching?


Coaching is not a regulated profession. There are literally millions of coaches out there.

After a global lockdown of two years, the number of coaches that received an online degree, and are coaching online has skyrocketed.

I don’t know about you, but if I look left and right, I see coaches. And coaches being coached by coaches. Or people who are not a coach who are in at least one coaching program.


Is anybody getting any work done these days?


When looking for a coach, my advice would be:

✅ Check with yourself if it’s coaching you want. Maybe you need something else?

✅ Look around for a coach with a proven track record. Check for client testimonials.

✅ Find out what training and/or certification your coach has received. See if that resonates.

✅ Take your time to feel if the coach is a good match. Not every coach is for you.

✅ Ask any question about any part of the coaching process. Really, this is important!


And when everything is clear, and you feel energized, go fully in! 💥

I wish you an amazing day ✨!


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