What is Consciousness Coaching?

Consciousness Coaching is a powerful holistic coaching method with a deep sustainable impact on every aspect of your life.

This unique coaching method moves beyond behavior and adjustments on the surface of your life, instead it facilitates a shift in consciousness, self-awareness and mastery.

When you change on the inside, your reality on the outside changes. This is how Consciousness Coaching works. You become empowered to truly create!

Life-transforming benefits of the program



A key result of consciousness coaching is a significant rise in your energy level. You are going to spend a lot less effort chasing things, people, or events. Simply because now, you will attract them. Leaving you with huge amounts of creative energy for personal and professional purposes. With a newfound sense of control over your life and daily challenges, you become unstoppable.

Inner peace reflects on everything out there. Since you are a now person of high integrity, you have true creative power. You are much more present and see things extremely clearly. You have vast amounts of mental and emotional space to create. You feel positive, alive, and motivated. You become a great communicator and experience relationships on a deeper level.

Feeling of

inner peace

Strong sense

of purpose

You take full responsibility for every aspect in your life. Even more, you start creating an authentic future based on what you stand for. There is no more procrastination for you. You become better at taking decisions and acting on them, navigating the feelings and emotions that are there. Your life becomes truly fulfilling.

Unique succes formula of this coaching journey

12 private sessionsover the course of 6 months

Unique 7-step sessionprotocol to set you upfor success

Completely remote sessions via Zoom

Co-creation of yourjourney goals in the first session

In English or Dutch

Powerful awarenesscreation tools ineach session

Why would you need a coach?

In my life, I have had – and still have – a lot of different coaches: a basketball coach, a surf coach, a writing coach, a business coach, a breathing meditation coach, a yoga coach, … Coaching helps us to achieve fast and sustainable results in different aspects of our lives.

Consciousness Coaching transcends the tangible aspects of your life situation and causes a true and lasting shift in your consciousness.

The result? High impact on the quality of your relationships, significant breakthroughs on the level of your being and achieving big goals related to your personal vision.

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What would you need to make this decision now?

Meet your consciousness coach

Hans Vandenberghe Consciousness coach

Hi there, I’m Hans!

I’m an experienced and certified consciousness coach. My passion is coaching leaders, professionals, business owners, self-employed and other ambitious people from all over the world. In my online coaching sessions, I create a safe space for my clients to discover new opportunities which allow them to transform into the person they choose to be.
I have received my ATCP certified coaching diploma at Creative Consciousness in The Netherlands. This included more than 125 hours of training and intensive client coaching and mentor coaching. I have over 250 hours of paid coaching experience. After taking an additional exam, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) awarded me the credential of Associate Certified Coach (ACC).
In addition to continuous personal development training, coaching training and mentor coaching, I also assist in several Consciousness Coaching personal development training programs each year. I have a Master’s degree in Organisational Psychology and one in Journalism from the Ghent University. I’m an entrepreneur and founder of thinkTeams and The Beach House Ghent.
I live in the Belgian city of Ghent with my partner, two teenage kids and a toddler. I love and enjoy surfing, running, Freeletics, family life, chocolate, early mornings, Portugal, flat white coffee, listening to audio books and celebrating life with friends.

My program is for you if...

  • You want to finally tackle things you don't like about yourself or your life.
  • Your professional life makes up an important part of who you are.
  • You are someone who loves setting goals and working towards them.
  • You feel there are more options in your life but are unable to see them or act on them.
  • You have always wanted to become that person of high energy and high impact.
  • You feel it's time to start building the life you want on your terms.

What clients say about mylife-changing program

“If you are looking to discover exciting possibilities in life that you did not even know existed, I strongly suggest starting a coaching cycle with Hans.”

Jenny Björklöf – Community Manager from Finland

“My coaching sessions with Hans proved to be extremely helpful in removing blocks with regards to taking action. I gained the insights I so much needed to transform into someone who can act and takes responsibility for asking what he wants.”

Charbel Abou Zeidan – Artist from Lebanon

“My coaching sessions with Hans brought me a positive change in mindset and outlook which, in turn, has opened new doors and possibilities that previously seemed far-fetched or impossible.”

Diana – Graphic designer from Belgium

“The coaching journey with Hans allowed me to take confident steps towards changing my professional environment. I am following a new path and have shifted my career from a conditioned choice to a passionate one.”

Julia Bel – Entrepreneur from Hungary

Frequently Asked Questions

I am trained in a coaching method called Consciousness Coaching. This means that my role exists in creating the ideal conditions that allow you to become aware of what you really want in life and what is keeping you from realising your full potential. We work action-oriented towards your goals with responsibility and integrity as drivers.

The key principle in Consciousness Coaching is that you already have everything you need - all the power, intelligence, creativity and resourcefulness - to start creating your own future. I am here, 100% committed to support you on that journey.

In addition, you receive tools and techniques (called Awareness Creations) that will develop and grow your awareness. This will contribute to you living a conscious life the way you envision it.

Consciousness Coaching is a coaching methodology developed by Creative Consciousness. On their website you can find all the information about the organisation and their approach. https://www.creativeconsciousness.com

The default technology is Zoom. If you want, we can also work with Microsoft Teams.

Usually somewhere around 1 hour, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. This depends on how fast we get clarity on your session goal and the other steps in the session protocol.

In your first coaching session we focus on your future dream and we define inspiring goals that will bring you to that future. If there is time left, we already take the first steps towards one of your goals.

You get to ask any questions you want and Hans will bring clarity and explain how the coaching process works.

A private coaching journey consists of 12 sessions spread out over approximately 6 months. This means that after this time you will have gone through a powerful transformation process that will have a significant impact on you and your life.

The language of the coaching sessions and of the entire communication around the coaching process is in English. Dutch is also an option.

Yes, unless you want to visit the coaching practice in Ghent, Belgium.

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